In the heart of Pogórze Wielickie (trail 8)

Dystans: 15.0 km Czas: 1:40 h h Kalorie: 742 kcal
The trail starts at a small square where Bielowicza and Królowej Jadwigi streets meet and from there leads along the main road  towards Siepraw. Then it turns to Dworska street in the locality called Łyczanka, where you can see a small ancient church. Not far from it the trail goes north through the woods up to the main road. Crossing this section is worth an effort as you are rewarded with scenic views. Further on the route runs north-east along Galicyjska, Panciawa and Podlesie streets, and then along Zagrody street to Piastowska street in Rzeszotary. The trail leads to Podstolice along  Szlachecka and Polanki. streets. After  a steep descent to the road crossing, it  joins the  Podstolice  green trail in the Wieliczka Municipality. The round-trip trail continues to run left (west) along Polanki and Polańska streets, to the crossing with Podhalańska street in  Rzeszotary, whilst the  Podstolice  green trail in the Wieliczka Municipality leads right uphill (east) to the local attraction  – the Podstolice Ski&Adventure Entertainment Park. Further on the round-trip trail leads west along Sołecka and Staropolska streets. On the way it’s worthwhile to take a stop at a resting point situated a little further towards the market square in Rzeszotary. The next step on the route leads along a scenic section of Staropolska street and then through the woods along Paryska street to Królowej Jadwigi street in Świątniki Górne. The end of the trail is planned at a small square where Królowej and Bielewicza streets meet.
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