Roman Catholic Church of St Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr in Świątniki Górne

ul. ks. Stanisława Koniecznego 1a. 
32-040 Świątniki Górne
+48 122704104 
The Parish Church of St Stanislaus in Świątniki Górne was built in the 19th century. Preparatory works for the church construction started when in 1832 Rev. Wojciech Zakulski (born in Świątniki) in his last will bequeathed land and a substantial sum of money to the church construction. It was also made possible thanks to a very important local initiative, as a result of which a building permit was obtained and the locals procured a plan of the church in Debrecen, Hungary (in the neo-classicist style. The first parish priest and supervisor of the building works was Rev. Józef Nowakowski. In 1855, merchants from Świątniki brought a bell from Hungary to install it at the new church. Construction was completed in 1856. Around 1880, the Kraków Chapter donated neo-Gothic dark oak altar to the Świątniki parish. Earlier it had been a property of Rev. Professor Karol Teliga, the Rector of the Jagiellonian University and a close friend of church servants from Świątniki. In 1905 two Baroque altars made of black marble, works of the Italian master Francesco Placidi, were brought to the church from Wawel Cathedral. One depicts Christ crucified with Jerusalem in the background, whilst another contains an icon of Our Lady of Wawel, also known as Our Lady of Świątniki.

Holy Mass:
Sun and Church holidays: 8:00 am, 10:30 am, 3:30 pm
- during the Lent: 3:45 pm
Weekdays: 7:00 am and 6:00 pm
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