Monument in Rzeszotary Górne - Obelisk: Saving from Oblivion

32-040 Rzeszotary Górne
On 2 October 2001, an obelisk was unveiled at Górny Rynek street in Rzeszotary to commemorate four freedom fighters who were murdered in front of their families by the communist regime functionaries in October 1946. Józef Burda, Józef Hachlica, Leon Jania, Paweł Sikora Polish People’s Party activists. Before the June 1946 referendum they urged people to vote “3 x NO”, participated in the work of the popular vote committees and opposed to communist rule. Their murder was later considered to have been a Stalinist crime, not subject to the statute of limitation. However, despite three investigations, perpetrators of this appalling crime still remain unknown. The atmosphere of the site is quite unique: the beauty of the flowers and ears of corn on the plaque, information provided on it and the solemn, simple cross, make the viewers reflect and bow their heads.
The obelisk is situated in the direct vicinity of the crime scene – in the old Rzeszotary cemetery – a place often visited by residents. Another reflection which might come to the visitor’s mind is: ”...Yesterday is today – but a little far away...” by the poet C.K Norwid/. It’s a must-see site.

More information on the following website:
and the publication ”Saving from oblivion” available at the Municipal Library Branch in Rzeszotary.

Source: Archives of Near Kraków LAG
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