Dziadowiec Forest

32-040 Świątniki Górne
In view of its dense development, Świątniki does not have extensive woodland areas. However, there a few larger woods and a dozen or so woodlets. The most interesting are known as Las Pod Lechą and Dziadowiec. They are endemic relics of the Carpathian Forest (Puszcza Karpacka) which hundreds years ago densely covered the area. In Las pod Lechą one can see several-dozen-year-old hornbeams and a few-hundred-year-old oaks. In the centre of the forest there is a 19th-century cemetery of cholera epidemic victims and a war cemetery from the times of the First and the Second World Wars. More than twenty Russian soldiers who fell in Świątniki in 1914 were buried in the former cemetery of cholera victims because the local parish priest did not give his permission to bury religious dissenters in the parish cemetery. In the register of war cemeteries this site is listed as ”382B – Kraków Fortress”.
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