Hucul Horse Stud in Rzeszotary

ul. Dworska 11
32-040 Rzeszotary
+48 601941084
Welcome to the Hucul Horse Stud in Rzeszotary. The farm on which the stud was established was purchased in 1997. The first horse here was Uta, a Shetland mare, still living in the local stable. Shortly after the first acquisition, in 1999, the first Hucul ponies were brought. They take part in races with great success. The Hucul pony is a Polish breed, known for its mild disposition and high resilience.
Thanks to these features they are ideal horses for children and grown-ups who start their equestrian adventure. The horse stud in Rzeszotary offers horse-riding exercise, field trips and horseback tours on Hucul horses, guided by a PTTK leader of equestrian tourism.
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