General Bem Trail: Kraków Borek Fałęcki - Radziszów PKP (Railway Station) (trail 17)

Dystans: 23.4 km Czas: 11:30 h h Kalorie: 3500 kcal
The trail runs through areas that take us back to the times of General Bem. He spent his childhood in Gaj, where a building from the former manor of his family has survived. A granite plaque in the form of open book, commemorating General Bem’s stay in Gaj in the years 1801-09, has been put by the John Paul II School Complex. While walking along the trail it is worthwhile to stop at Mogilany by a manor which was built on the site of the 16th-century manor which once belonged to the Jordan family and survived until the second half of the 18th century. In 1560 Spytek Wawrzyniec Jordan purchased Mogilany, captivated by the village’s wonderful situation on he top of a steep hill and offering a vast, scenic view on the hills surrounding Kraków and the city itself with the Wawel Hill and church towers in the vicinity. The Bonczarowa Forest is yet another treasure on the trail.

The actual length of the trail in the project area totals 16.8 km.
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