"Vistula" Piekary - zalew Skowronek (trail 13)

Dystans: 31.1 km Czas: 3:10 h h Kalorie: 1200 kcal
Most of the trail runs on the top of the River Vistula embankment, along asphalt and gravel paths. The use of tourist and mountain bikes is recommended. To fully enjoy numerous attractions on the way and its unique landscapes it is best to divide the itinerary into three sections. The first section: Wołowice - Czernichów gives the opportunity to visit the Manorial Complex, a permanent wicker-plaiting exhibition at the Community House (Dom Ludowy), and also to admire nests of the white stork. The second section: Czernichów - Łączany. While in Czernichów, take a look at the buildings of the Agricultural School, visit the parish church and the octagonal chapel. Czernichów is a perfect spot for a longer break – we can take a rest at the park ground and use a free WI-FI available next to the Municipality Office. While biking along the Vistula embankment we can admire the river with its meanders, shallows and sandbanks. The third section is a bird-watching trail in Kamień, by the Łączany water reservoir.

The actual length of the trail in the project area totals 21.6 km.
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