Rudno - Nature 2000 area

Within the area there are non-forest habitats, including purple moor grass meadows with the Siberian iris, the marsh gentian and associated specimen of invertebrate fauna, including: the scarce large blue (Phengaris teleius) and the dusky large blue (Phengaris nausithous). In addition, the valley is covered by rushes, chiefly reeds and alder thickets. Part of the valley is covered by hay meadows with species of good grass. In the upper part of this area of the Rudna valley there are water reservoirs suitable for reproduction of amphibians and reptiles, including crested newt. In the part of the valley adjoining section 56 of the woods in the Krzeszowice forestry management area, chiefly covered by rushes, there is a position of narrow-mouthed whorl snail and other interesting species, like beavers and brook lampreys. This area is of major importance for the protection of the narrow-mouthed whorl snail, and seems to account for no more that 2% of its Poland’s population. Identification of the state of preservation of the narrow-mouthed whorl snail in the area, including: population resources: Population – not numerous; the area covered and population density: difficult to establish and require a detailed study, depending on the part of the habitat. In 25x25cm samples 0 to 5 specimen were found. Spatial distribution: the population covers small parts of the habitat, most probably in a meta-population system. Degree of isolation: the population seems to be isolated.
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