A hilltop loop of Świątniki - Mogilany (trail 7)

Dystans: 16.9 km Czas: 3:54 h h Kalorie: 1076 kcal

The trail starts at the Trails Information Centre in Świątniki Górne and leads west along  Bruchnalskiego street towards  Mogilany. Then it turns right (north) to the  Konary locality and leads  along asphalt roads, passing a resting point at the fire station to turn left at a roadside shrine. The next section of the trail goes steeply down along a gravel road  and across the river Krzywica towards  Mogilany, to the intersection of Działy and Skrzyszów streets, where you can also take the trail  “Wandering around the hills and forests of Skawina and Mogilany”. Then the route goes south along Działy and  Krótka streets until the poviat road (Świątnicka street) and then steeply down along Słoneczna street in Włosań where the trail joins Rzeczna street, heading towards a very difficult ascent in the hilly section leading towards the church in Świętego Józefa street. On the hilltop it turns left to Królowej Polski street, and then right to reach Brzozowa street. This picturesque part of the route ends at Wspólna street, and then turns north-east leading along Kulerzówka street towards  Do Dworu street. In Olszowice the trail leads north and turns to św. Floriana street, towards the parish church and the fire station of the Voluntary Fire Service (OSP). If you need a break, you will find  a large resting point near a playground facing the church. The next part of the trail goes up Świętego Floriana street, turns right and then left (east) leading along Graniczna street to reach Świętego Stanisława street in Świątniki Górne. The last section goes steeply up along Świętego Stanisława street to the main road (Brzuchnalskiego street). The trail ends at the Trails Information Centre next to the Town and Municipality Office.

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