"Kopytko" rock formation and associated legends

32-040 Świątniki Górne
On the verge of Świątniki Górne and Siepraw stands a single rock generally known as Kopytko (Little Hoof). The rock in the form of a sloppy rock platform is one of the few rock exposures in Pogórze Wielickie. It measures ca. 3 m in height and is 20 m long. It is built from resilient Izdebna limestone. Its name comes from a roundish hollow in the stone, whose shape is deceptively similar the imprint of a horse hoof. In pre-Christian times it was a place of worship, most probably connected with Svantovit and Svarog deities. Legends connected with this site clearly show traces of Slavic pagan beliefs, but as a result of intensive Christianisation and centuries’ long belonging of the village to the Church, legends have evolved towards the Christian tradition. In the Middle Ages the Little Hoof was associated with St Stanislaus. The oldest Świątniki legend has it that residents of Górki (this was the name of Świątniki Górne at that time) and Siepraw had a years-long dispute about the border. So Bishop Stanislaus who was the owner of Górki, came there to solve the conflict. His horse stopped on the rock elevation and stroke his hoof on the rock, leaving a visible mark, which gave the name to the place. The Bishop saw this as a sign from God and decided that the border between feuding villages would run through the site. To reach Kopytko from Świątniki Górne, you need to go to the forest known as Dziadowiec, accessed at the end of Stroma street. In Dziadowiec there is also a well with excellent water. Using this water, Świątniki residents still brew “the tea from Dziadowiec”, a local specialty.
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