Mogilanie Folk Ensemble

ul. Grodzka 1
32-031 Mogilany
+48 122701612
The Mogilanie Folk Ensemble was established in 1984 at the Municipal Culture Centre in Mogilany. From the very beginning, the ensemble has spared no effort to re-create on stage the rites and customs of the villages near Kraków as faithfully as possible. Ethnographers and experts assessing folk ensembles consider Mogilanie a group which really cares for the true re-creation of the village reality at the turn of the 19th/20th centuries. The ensemble’s costumes were made in consultation with experts from the Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum in Kraków. Source materials on which the ensemble’s programmes are based originate from the archives of the Ethnographic Museum and field interviews. Shows presenting rites and customs of Krakow villages, in particular Mogilany and its nearest neighbourhood ("Mogilany Wedding", "Harvest Festival", "Comber Babski” – a traditional women’s street party on the last Thursday of the Carnival, "A Party at the Inn"), as well as Christmas and patriotic programmes are on the ensemble’s repertoire.

In 1999 the ensemble joined the membership of the Polish Section of CIOFF, while in 2010 the Minister of Culture and National Heritage granted the group the Oskar Kolberg Award in recognition of its contribution to folk culture promotion. The many times award-winning ensemble enjoyed success at various reviews and festivals in Poland and abroad. So far Mogilanie have performed in Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Austria, Serbia and Ukraine.

Source: Treasures Near Kraków – information brochure.
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