Exploring the Skawina Muncipality Beauty Spots (trail 2)

Dystans: 43.9 km Czas: 5:14 h h Kalorie: 2352 kcal
The initial section of the route from the Municipal Park in Skawina to the bridge on the Skawinka river runs along the section of the trail ”Walks along the Skawinka banks”, and further on runs along Piastowska street, to turn north to the flood bank right after the bridge. The section of the trail located on the flood bank ends in Kopanka on the bridge over the Łączany–Skawina canal and enters on poviat road no. 2187K, leading west. Further on the route leads through Kopanka along the poviat road. After a few kilometers, it turns right (west) at the historic manor in Ochodza. (Near the pond and the manor in Ochodza, a resting point is located). Then the road leads to Facimiech, where it turns left (north) and continues over the bridge on the Łączany-Skawina canal to turn right before the level crossing and to continue along the railway tracks towards the sports field in Wielkie Drogi. Then it leads around the park at which another resting point is located, and crosses national road no. 44, leading to Sosnowice, where it goes along existing asphalt roads through the centre of the village towards Grabie and further on steeply up to the Garcowiec Forest. Having crossed the woods, the route goes along the municipal road towards the centre of Wola Radziszowska, then crosses the river Cedron, heading east along the municipal asphalt road. Stop for a while at the resting point next to the sports field and visit the Prehistoric Settlement showing the life of Lusatian people some 3000 years ago. Further on the route takes a left turning (south), leading to Ostra Góra goes down a picturesque area to poviat road 1939K (to Skotnica in Krzywaczka). A short section of road no. 1939K runs north-east, to the junction with poviat road no. 1940K, then goes north towards Radziszów. The next section of the trail leads from the southern side of the Bronaczowa Forest (Las Bronaczowa), further on along the southern border of the woods from the Królikówka district to a roadside shrine and continues along the blue trail to the so-called “Military Route” (Droga Wojskowa). Then the path turns north-east leading to a resting point created in the woods. About 50 m before the resting point, it turns north, leading us to Jagodowa street in Radziszów as we leave the forest, continuing north towards Wytrzyszczek and leading to poviat road no. 2173K to reach the locality called Buków, and then turning north-west, heading to Skawina. Having passed the section from Buków to Łysa Góra, it continues along Dębca and Spacerowa streets to turn right into Żwirki i Wigury street, to end at the Municipal Park in Skawina.
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