Cieszynianka Flora Reserve

32-031 Mogilany
The Cieszynianka nature reserve is a flora reserve, named after one of the rarest and more interesting species blossoming in early spring – Hacquetia epipactis (Polish: cieszynianka wiosenna). It is a protected species. The reserve was established in 1969; it covers an area of over 10 ha and is situated in a young beech and birch forest which covers northern slopes of the Mogilany hill. The forest partly covers the Rzepiennik spring source area, between the old road Kraków - Zakopane (in the east), the Mogilany-Kulerzów-Buków road (in the south), and on the west borders with the village of Chorowice. The northern ridge of the forest runs in the bottom of a small side valley of a tributary of the Rzepiennik stream. Hacquetia epipactis begins to blossom between the first half of March and the first days of April. It is one of the oldest types of flowering plants, probably originating in the Tertiary. It is particularly noteworthy that Hacquetia epipactis occurs only on a few island locations in Poland. The reserve is situated between the old Kraków – Mogilany road (in the east), the Mogilany – Kulerzów – Buków road (in the south), and on the west borders with Chorowice.

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