Around Wola Radziszowska (trail 11)

Dystans: 10.9 km Czas: 0:57 h h Kalorie: 461 kcal

A round-trip trail in Wola Radziszowska starts where you leave  Garcowiec Forest on the trail “Exploring the Skawina Municipality beauty spots”. The route goes along the municipal road towards the centre of Wola Radziszowskia, and there turns east. On the way it passes by an ancient church, a sports field (at which a resting point is located), and a fire station. Then it continues heading north to Radziszów, going steeply up an asphalt road to finally reach the historic railway station (PKP) building  in Radziszów. Further on the route leads along poviat road no. 1939K towards the centre of Radziszów, up to  Chorzyny (crossing the trail “Wandering around the hills and forests of Skawina and Mogilany”, i.e. the intersection of  Chorzyny and Zawodzie streets), leading west. The next section runs in parallel with that trail, steeply up the Drożdżownik hill, and then towards the Chorzyny hill, and to the asphalt road running to the Garcowiec Forest, where the trail ends.

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