Mogilany - Chorowice (trail 18)

Dystans: 3.7 km Czas: 1:30 h h Kalorie: 400 kcal
Interesting spots on the trail are the Church of St Bartholomew the Apostle and the Hacquetia epipactis Nature Reserve of local flora, situated around 1 km north-west of the centre of Mogilany, in a beech-birch forest which covers northern slopes of the Mogilany Hill, partly around the source of the Rzepnik spring. Hacquetia epipactis belongs to the umbelliferae and creates typical flower clusters, abundant with very tiny yellow flowers. It blossoms as one of the first spring flowers. Early in March, its yellow-green flowers on long leafless stems (up to 20 cm high) begin to flourish. before the trees become covered with leaves and most of plants start developing.

The actual length of the trail in the project area totals 4 km.
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