“Kajasówka” reserve trail (trail 28)

Dystans: 5.5 km Czas: 1:20 h h Kalorie: 360 kcal
The Kajasówka hill is a classical example of an extremely narrow horst which separates two tectonic troughs: the Rybna rift valley and the Cholerzyn – Półwieś trough. It is covered by xerothermic vegetation. Kajasówka is a strict nature reserve of an 11.83 ha area. It contains a didactic and tourist trail on geology and geomorphology themes. There are eight points on the trail representing the most characteristic elements of geological structure and inanimate nature, offering the greatest attractions on the didactic trail. The ridge of the hill: west side – wide and smooth; east side – narrow with steep slopes. The southern slope on the east: developed rocky outcrops along faces. The eastern end of the hill is marked with a narrow rock pinnacle, largely affected by the former quarries. The edge is built from Upper Jurassic limestone visible in small rocks, rock walls, deserted quarries and excavation sites abandoned after exploitation of rock resources stopped.

The actual length of the trail in the project area totals a 5.1 km.
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