Biking around Kamień: Ratowa – Kamień – Ratowa (trail 15)

Dystans: 5.8 km Czas: 0:40 h h Kalorie: 320 kcal
The trail is situated in a picturesque part of the locality named Kamień. Most of the trail runs along forest paths and chippings roads. You are welcome to take this trail If you are looking for serenity, silence and forest ducts where you can contemplate the beauty of the site. The trail starts at Ratowa – right beside the Łączany water reservoir on the Vistula. It is a charming spot in the wilderness and a unique forest area which ends with a steep slope down to the river bank. The church and the parish buildings in Kamień at the very centre of the village are particularly noteworthy. When you are there, visiting the Śnieżka Café is a must. The café serves ice-cream made to its own recipe. To reach the cafe you should go down to the village along the main road from the side of the church (ca. 200 m behind the school). Another important point on the tour is a bird-watching trail near the Łączany water reservoir. It is very easily accessed - just leave to black trail in Podgórze, taking the blue biking route.

The actual length of the trail in the project area totals 5.8 km.
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