Kajasówka - Rusocice (trail 23)

Dystans: 3.9 km Czas: 1:30 h h Kalorie: 350 kcal
It is known as the Czarny Las (Black Forest) trail, named after its starting point on an old stone-paved road leading to the forest lodge in Rusocice, in Czarny Las. The trail leads through the so called Zimny Dół (Cold Ditch), a reserve of inanimate nature, belonging to the smallest such reserves in the Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska area. It covers 2.22 ha of the north-western area in the village of Czułów in the Liszki municipality. A characteristic element of the reserve’s flora is ivy creeping up the rocks and the trees. The blooming and fruit-bearing specimen of Hedera helix (goldheart) are under special protection . The spring in Zimny Dół is the reserve’s special attraction. It is a karst spring in a cave (rock shelter), the only such site in the Jura, from which crystal-clear water springs, coming to the river Sanka.

The actual length of the trail in the project area totals3,8 km.
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