Skawina meadow area - Nature 2000

A meadow area in the environs of Skawina (44.13 ha), north-south of the borders of the town. The habitat of four species of butterflies: the scarce large blue (Phengaris teleius), the dusky large blue (Phengaris nausithous), a numerous population of the violet copper and the large copper, as well as the alcon large blue. These species are associated with grass habitats, chiefly in wetland and fresh meadows, including purple moor-grass meadows. In addition, the occurrence of reed, thickets and forest habitats creates a suitable environment for other species, chiefly birds.
There is also an area of the large blue habitat within Kraków borders (more than 95% of the area within the city), adjoining the woods known as Lasy Tynieckie.
In view of it being a rather small area, its has only a small part of the country’s population of the above four species of butterflies. However, the role of the area is important for those species and populations. It ensures the continuity of the species existence in Southern Poland.

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