Regional History Chamber in Krzęcin

Krzęcin 47
32-051 Krzęcin
+48 666227138
The Chamber is on the historic wooden architecture trail of Małopolska kościoła pod wezwaniem NNMP z XVI w. The Chamber was created in 2010, thanks to the effort of the Krzęcin Region Friends Society. The granary dating from the second half of the 19th century, once formed part of parish buildings, even now one can see here the original corn chest. Exhibits illustrating the life of old-time peasants, household utensils, farm tools and modern exhibits such as harvest wreaths and breads baked for special occasions (for which Krzęcin was renowned) have been collected in the Chamber. The most valuable exhibit is the standard of the Association of Polish Youth which refugees from the Poznań region – friends of the Haller family – brought to Krzęcin during the Nazi occupation.

Source: Treasures Near Kraków – information brochure.
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