Gate to the Locksmithery School

ul. K. Bruchnalskiego 35
32-040 Świątniki Górne
The historic building of the Locksmithery School in Świątniki Górne has a hundred-year-old wrought iron gate in the Baroque style. The gate leading to the Locksmithery School was made in 1912 by the master smith and the school teacher Stanisław Kwintowski and his apprentices. Under his supervision apprentices forged individual elements. All metal elements were joined using the hot hammering method, which testifies of high skills and expertise in the smithery art. The gate is two winged and consists of several hundred wrought plant ornaments, and additionally every twig is ended with a rose flower. The gate is surmounted with a finial from which wrought branches and leaves grow to create the impression of “a living work of art”. Interestingly, following oral accounts, S. Kwintowski made two twin gates in 1912, but the second was stolen and taken from Poland during the Second World War. The renovation of the gate was completed in March 2014.

Source: Świątniki Górne Municipality
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