Church of Sts Laurent and Catrherine in Radziszów

ul. Jana Pawła II 16
32-052 Radziszów
The parish was founded in 1325. The present Church of St Laurent and St Catherine was built in brick in the 14th century, on the foundation of the earlier structure However, in 1844 part of church furnishing burnt in a fire and the vaulting collapsed. It took three years to reconstruct the church. The new church, under the tile roof, was built in the classicist style. The church does not have any side chapels by only annexes, such as the vestry and the south vestibule. It is not quite clear where the church furnishings come from, but the high altar, probably originating from the Franciscan Church in Kraków is worth seeing. The right-side altar of St Catherine probably originates from St Catherine’s Church in Kraków. Most probably, the only original historic item from the previous church is the Baroque baptismal font from the second half of the 17th century.

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