Marcin Mikuła Locksmithery Museum in Świątniki Górne

ul. Bruchnalskiego 35
32-040 Świątniki Górne
+48 122704097
For centuries Świątniki Górne has been famous for the manufacture of metal products. From the turn of the 16th/17th centuries it was a renowned centre of armour manufacture, and in the late 19th century, when the famous Locksmithery School was founded, padlock makers from Świątniki became famous. Replicas of sabres and hussar suits of armours once manufactured here can be admired at the local Locksmithery Museum housed in the Locksmithery School on the main street of Świątniki Górne. But a collection of ancient padlocks, locks, as well as locksmith’s and smith’s tools form the most important part of the Museum collection. For over 800 years, smiths’ and locksmith’s crafts were the basic occupation and the main source of income of Świątniki residents. Particularly noteworthy is Poland’s only exhibition of memorabilia connected with the work of local residents serving at Wawel Cathedral and known as świątniki). The most precious is the pastel Portrait of a St. Synowiec, a świątnik at Wawel Cathedral by L. Wyczółkowski, a thaler of the Sigismund Bell ringers, a costume of a świątnik of Wawel Cathedral, as well as numerous photographs and documents, including those associated with the operation of the Locksmithery School set up in 1888.

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