Memorial Chamber of the Haller Family and Haller Soldiers

32-052 Jurczyce
+48 122751199
+48 122751069
The Memorial Chamber of the Haller Family and Haller Soldiers in Jurczyce was set up on the occasion of the 1st National Convention of the Society to the Memory of General Józef Haller and Haller Soldiers (TPGJHiH) held in Jurczyce on 10 June 2000. An important element of the Society’s mission is to run the Memorial Chamber of the Haller Family and the Haller Soldiers. The Chamber and the Society’s office are housed in the building of a former school founded by Anna and Ewa Haller, sisters of General Józef Haller.
The exhibition’s rich collection consists of mementoes connected with the life and activity of the most famous members of the Haller family and the Blue Army soldiers. Among valuable exhibits there are portraits of General Józef Haller from different periods of his life and career and unique postcards and posters with his portraits dating from the times of the Polish-Bolshevik war. Other mementoes: documents, medals, photographs, elements of uniforms and articles providing information about Haller soldiers and their history are also on display.


Visits on other days upon previous phone appointment.
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