Bronaczowa Forest

Bronaczowa Forest (Las Bronaczowa) situated in Pogórze Wielickie foothill area is a relic of the Carpathian Forest, and took its name after the village of Bornaczowa, refers to the village of Bronaczowa, no longer in existence since the Middle Ages. The forest covers an area of 750 ha, of which 350 lie in Radziszów. The area is highly diversified in terms of its land forms, with numerous ravines and gorges which run in different directions. Various streams flow on their bottoms periodically or permanently. Small woodland marsh patches are seen in lower parts of the area.
A beaten tract goes east-west through the centre of the forest, along its ridge. The road is accessible to walking and biking trips. Walking around the forest, one can find interesting  undergrowth species, such as: February Daphne, martagon lily, hard-fern, Veratrum, hazelwort, common ivy, lily-of-the-valley and great horsetail. The abundance of animal species is as rich as the local flora species. You can see colourful butterflies, beetles, sand lizards, slow worms, and  fire salamanders. Among birds, there are black woodpeckers, hoopoes, crows, buzzards, cuckoos, black storks, orioles, town owls,  long-eared owls and barn owls. In winter birds from the North visit the area: spotted nutcrackers and  red crossbills. You can observe various stages of forest development in Bronaczowa. Oaks, beech trees or large firs, more than a hundred years old, are particularly noteworthy The volumes of individual beeches reach up to  ca. 15 m3, and  one of the thickest firs ma ok. 17m3 and is more than 30 m tall.
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