Jurczyce is situated in the western part of Pogórze Wielickie, on the small river Mogiłka. The village lies on an elevation which offers a spectacular view. The village’s  history is connected with the Haller family: General Józef Haller, the Chief Commander of the Blue Army, his mother Olga and his sisters: Ewa and Anna, who are well  remembered by local residents for her work for the community. They founded a school building which now houses the Memorial Chamber of the Haller Family and Haller Soldiers.

The village took its name after a certain Jurek, of whom little is known. The earliest source accounts concerning the village date from 1365.  It was a property of several successive owners, including the Camaldolese monks from Srebrna Góra near Kraków. When the Austrians took over the monastery’s property, Jurczyce was transferred to the Jordan family from Zakliczyn, and then to the Biberstein-Starowiejski family. In 1867, Henryk Haller de Hallenburg purchased the village, having sold land inherited from his father in the neighbouring Polanka to his brother Władysław. Henryk settled in Jurczyce and was the founder of the Jurczyce family line. (more information on the Haller family on the Manors and Noble Families Trail)
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