Roadside Shrines and Roadside Crosses Trail

Distance:0 m Duration:- h
Wandering along roads and paths of Polish towns and villages, one cannot miss roadside shrines and crosses, a testimony of the faith and religious devotion of the Polish nation. By raising them, people hoped for God’s protection, thanked for God’s graces and commended themselves to the neighbours’ prayers. Crosses built on the crossroads were of special importance, as they were believed to protect against evil and to show the right paths.
People used to gather around the roadside shrine, to say Hail Marys, to sing the Litany to Holy Virgin Mary along with  birds, and to praise God for the beauty of nature. They interrupted their farming occupations to answer the bell calling for the Angelus.
Following various trails, take a look at roadside shrines and try to recognise the images of saints whose protection was sought. Read the inscriptions and think about people who asked for the  thought of a passer-by.
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