Manors and Noble Families Trail

Walking along the Manors and Noble Families Trail, we go back to the times when they were centres of cultural, social and economic life of local communities. Some members of families who lived here went down in the nation’s history and deserved residents’ remembrance.
For many manor houses post-1945 history was rather harsh. They were taken over by state institutions to serve people, but without due care for preserving their beauty and adequate financial outlays, soon fell in disrepair. Today they are often abandoned and deteriorated. Their former splendour has only survived in old photographs and people’s memories.
Many are not available to visitors due to their poor condition or because they are in private or state institutions’ hands. But it is worthwhile to take a look at them from outside or to stroll along the charming avenues of adjoining parks.
In the four municipalities near Kraków: Czernichów, Mogilany, Skawina and Świątniki Górne, you shouldn’t miss the Sokół Palace, built on the site of the former castle from the times of Casimir the Great; the newly renovated Dzieduszycki family manor in Radziszów; the Konopka family manor in Mogilany (in particular the park which surrounds the manor with a charming hornbeam avenue),  and the Matejkówka in Przeginia Narodowa. The Haller family manor in Jurczyce, the manor in Polanka Hallera, the manor in Ochodza and the manor in Libertów, are not available to visitors, because they are privately owned.

Access for visitors to the following manor houses:
Pałacyk Sokół in Skawina (access permitted);
The manor house of the Dzieduszycki family in Radziszów (access permitted);
The manor house of the Konopka family in Mogilany (may only be seen on the outside);
Matejkówka w Przegini Narodowej (may only be seen from the outside);
The manor house of the Haller family in Jurczyce (may only be seen from the outside);
The manor house in Polanka Hallera (may only be seen from the outside);
The manor house in Libertów (may only be seen from the outside).
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