"Kajasówka" Nature Reserve

32-070 Przegnia Duchowna
The inanimate nature reserve set up in Przeginia Duchowna and Nowa Wieś Szlachecka localities in 1962. It covers an area of 12 ha. Similarly to other hills within the Brama Krakowska (Kraków Gate) area, the Kajasówka is a horst hill in the form of a narrow prominence, some 2.5 km long and up to 0.7 km wide. Curiously enough, the horst is very narrow compared to its length, and in the east ends with a narrow rock spur.

Wandering around the trail in the reserve, you pass through the thick tunnels of blackthorn thicket. The highest point in the reserve is the Bustryk Hill (320 m above sea level). On its top one can admire the scenic panorama of the area nearby. Weather permitted, you can see the Camaldolese Monastery in Bielany, and Mt Babia Góra. An educational trail leads through the reserve, highlighting the most characteristic elements of geological structure and specimen of animate nature. Other tourist trails run near the reserve, and a park ground is situated nearby.

Source: Archiwes of LAG Near Kraków.
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